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SARW appointment as Vice-chair of the ICGLR/DRC Forum National Committee

The reasons behind SARW’s appointment are amongst others the various activities conducted by the organisation since 2010 to tackle the illegal exploitation of natural resources in the Great Lakes Region, including the Alternative Summit held in Kinshasa in October 2010, on the margins of ICGLR Heads of State Special Summit.


Africa Mining Vision: CSOs and government make progress to develop the African Mineral Governance Framework

The ongoing collapse of mineral prices on the international market, growing debt crisis and dwindling revenue to finance socio-economic development in African countries has refocused attention on how to optimally use the continent’s vast mineral sector through speedy implementation of the African Mining Vision.


Consultative Conference on Peace Agreements and Conflict Minerals in the Democratic Republic of Congo

The key aspect of the conflict that these initiatives have failed to resolve has been how to stop the illegal exploitation of mineral resources by the different local and external armed groups. There is good evidence that resources and civil war are causally linked in the DRC.


Governing Africa's Natural Resources: The Resource Curse Revisited

Many African countries possess abundant oil and minerals. While this may seem like a blessing, the influential “resource curse” hypothesis holds that natural resource abundance hinders political and economic development. Resource-rich countries are said to be more prone to negative outcomes ranging from slow economic growth, underinvestment in human capital, and environmental degradation to corruption, authoritarian rule, and violent conflict.
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Vendredi, Juin 21, 2013 - 23:15

Rapport Synthèse du Sommet Alternatif de la Société Civile sur l’exploitation Illégale des Ressources Naturelles dans la Région des Grands Lacs

l`initiative de Southern Africa Resource Watch, SARW en sigle, un Sommet alternatif de la société civile sur l’Exploitation Illégale des Ressources Naturelles dans la région des Grands Lacs. Les cérémonies d’ouverture et de clôture ont été présidées par le Ministre de l’Enseignement Primaire et Secondaire, au nom de son collègue de la Coopération, en mission en Zambie.



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