Memorandum for the Attention of the Governor of Lualaba Province
Junho 02nd, 2017

Le peuple congolais en général et les communautés locales en particulier ne bénéficient pas de l’exploitation de leurs ressources minières. Les minerais, au lieu d’être une source de bénédiction et de développement contribuent plutôt à la misère des populations.

Memorandum for the Attention of the Governor of Lualaba Province
Junho 02nd, 2017

The Congolese people in general, and local communities in particular, do not benefit from the exploitation of their mineral resources.

SARW appointment as Vice-chair of the ICGLR/DRC Forum National Committee
Abril 05th, 2016

Behind SARW’s appointment are the various activities since 2010 to tackle the illegal exploitation of natural resources in the Great Lakes Region, the Alternative Summit on the margins of ICGLR Heads of State Special Summit.

Monde Mxesibe,, Thom Pierce
Agosto 18th, 2015

The mining industry contributes significantly to the hardship experienced by black women in rural areas of South Africa. For decades, mining houses have drawn in young black men for labour, only for many to return home sick, with little to show for years spent toiling underground.

State urged to come up with uranium policy
Julho 29th, 2015

GOVERNMENT should consider coming up with a clear policy on how to extract uranium at large-scale mining in Zambia that will enhance revenue generation from the mineral resource

African Network of Centers for Investigative Reporting
Janeiro 24th, 2015

Dans un puits de mine au fond baigné d’eau boueuse, 50 hommes donnent des coups de pelle sur les parois friables. D’autres tentent de ranimer une vieille pompe à eau afin de pouvoir drainer le puits et atteindre la couche de boue sous l’eau.

Illicit financial flows impeding Zambia's economy
Maio 08th, 2014

TAX Justice Network Africa says rampant illicit financial flows in Zambia's mining tax regime have continued to impede the country's economic growth.

SARW urges govt to keep an eye on KCM
Abril 15th, 2014

SOUTHERN Africa Resource Watch says the government must keep an eye on KCM and act decisively to protect Zambians' interests in the mine.

SADC-PF/SARW Launch Southern Africa Resource Barometer
Março 12th, 2014

Towards Enhancing Parliamentary Legislative and Oversight Role in Extractive Industries Sector

map of lower zambezi national park
Janeiro 25th, 2014

SARW says lands and environmental protection Minister Harry Kalaba should not mislead the country

Corporate social responsibility
Agosto 04th, 2013

ZAMBIA'S economy has been predominantly driven by the mining industry for many years. The contribution of the industry to the economy is undoubted.

dialogue over Chisola dam impasse
Agosto 03rd, 2013

CIVIL Society Organisations say they are ready to dialogue with government to find a pro-Zambian and sustainable solution to the impasse surrounding the construction of Chisola dam. 

CSOs' 'blame game' on FQM issue is premature
Julho 31st, 2013

LANDS, natural resources and environmental protection minister Wylbur Simuusa says he is disappointed with civil society organisations suggesting that government has not shown leadership over the Chisora dam construction. Over 18 CSOs have petitio

CSOs petition govt over FQM dam project
Julho 29th, 2013

OVER 18 CSOs have petitioned government over its decision to allow First Quantum Minerals to continue constructing Chisola dam, which was stopped through an environmental protection order. 

Julho 22nd, 2013

ZAMBIA should discard the concept of corporate social responsibility because extractive industries prefer to undertake projects that are cheaper with little or no benefits to the community, says Southern Africa Resource Watch (SARW). 

Julho 15th, 2013

ZAMBIA is this week set to host an Alternative Mining Indaba aimed at enhancing the contribution of the mining and other extractive sectors to sustainable development and poverty reduction. 

Junho 28th, 2013

SOUTHERN Africa Resource Watch (SARW) Zambia coordinator Edward Lange has appealed to the government not to abandon the corrective process simply to satisfy the interest of First Quantum Minerals, which has threatened to lay off 500 workers at its

Junho 24th, 2013

THE Earth Organisation says mining houses should not threaten the government with job losses in order for them to get away from their obligations regarding the environment.  

Junho 15th, 2013

SOUTHERN Africa Resource Watch country coordinator Edward Lange says giving an ultimatum to illegal settlers in Mwekera Forestry area is not an answer to the problem of forestry encroachment. 

Junho 12th, 2013

THE Southern Africa Resource Watch says it expects Konkola Copper Mines, the minework- ers unions and the government to work towards guaranteeing security of the jobs of 2,000 employees that were earmarked for a massive layoff. 

Maio 26th, 2013

Labour and social security minister Fackson Shamenda has appealed to miners and Zambians not to panic over reports that Konkola Copper Mines intends to lay off 2,000 miners. 

Abril 23rd, 2013

THE Southern Africa Resource Watch says the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI) risked remaining an academic exercise if it is not redefined to make it a homegrown concept.  

Abril 02nd, 2013

SOUTHERN African Resource Watch director Dr Claud Kabemba says the poverty situation in Zambia amid rich mineral resources is a serious contradiction that must be addressed without further hesitation. 

Outubro 16th, 2012

ZAMBIA will not get meaningful benefits from the mining sector unless revenue collection is improved to create a mineral resource stabilisation fund that can be used to develop other economic sectors, says Dr Mathias Mphande. 

Março 12th, 2012

THE statement by Mopani Copper Mines is a clear indication of how uncaring the company policy is towards host communities, says Southern Africa Resource Watch (SARW) Zambia representative Edward Lange. 

Julho 12th, 2011

GOVERNMENT must undertake regular audits of mining companies' activities so that maximum revenue starts benefitting ordinary Zambians, say civil society organisations. 

Fevereiro 13th, 2011

TAX payment irregularities revealed by the audit report at Mopani mines has silenced all arguments against the reintroduction of a simplified mining revenue collection system such as the windfall tax, says Dr Fred Mutesa. 

Novembro 08th, 2010

SOUTHERN Africa Resource Watch (SARW) has accused mining investors of lacking a human heart and care for environmental and human rights issues.