Mining Policy Harmonisation to Support Regional Industrialisation and Regional Integration

Dezembro 10th, 2015

OSISA, through this project, will analyse mining legislations of 12 SADC countries to identify similarities, differences, innovations and best practices for peer-learning. The project will also update the SADC standard mining legislation to ensure that it is in tune with the African mining vision and emerging international norms and standards.  The project will look into mining policies of each country, bearing in mind that Southern African countries have never harmonised their mining legislations or policies despite the existence of a regional harmonisation policy framework. This project is an attempt to revive the SADC mining harmonization policy. SADC was the first REC to take this important step. Today, ECOWAS has taken a strong lead with very progressive efforts to harmonise mining policies. A regional review of legislation and policies of this nature allows for an analysis of the degree to which individual states have been influenced by or subscribed to international conventions and norms in the resource governance.